Investment Focus

Jaguar Capital Partners focuses its investments in Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT), Financial Services, Payments and Transaction Services companies that have sustainable competitive advantage, a proven business model and superior management.

We will also invest in other areas if they truly leverage our
prior business experience and acumen. We limit our
investments to business models that are characterized by:

· Recurring revenue:
monthly charges for products and services tied to
llllong term contracts

· Transaction fees: fees paid for affecting a wide variety of services
lllincluding payments, deposits, withdrawals or moving money

· Leverage-able: the ability to repurpose data to create additional
lllproducts and services

· Highly scalable: large and growing transaction volumes leading to
lllincreased operating margins

· Embedded infrastructure: products, services or systems that once
lllinstalled, are difficult to replace, representing a significant barrier
lllof entry for potential competitors