Philadelphia, PA, June 22, 2006 – Jaguar Capital Partners announced today the completion of a recapitalization of PE Systems, LLC, a specialized national consulting firm that reduces the fees merchants pay for credit and debit card processing.

PE Systems markets its unique and innovative service to companies that pay fees for processing credit and bank cards. As experts in the industry, they are unique in that they work directly for the merchant and not the bank or card processor. Ever changing rules and regulations cause confusion for merchants who are unable to decipher their own statements. The fee structure that determines what merchants pay is dynamic which requires PE Systems to continually refine their proprietary systems to ensure that their customers are paying the lowest total cost possible on every transaction.

Jonathan Kalman, Partner and CEO of Jaguar commented: “PE Systems is a great fit for us given the Company’s unique product within an industry we know well. The Company is a leader and its management team is pioneers in developing a much needed product for merchants.”

About Jaguar Capital Partners: Jaguar Capital Partners is a global private equity firm seeking to create value for our portfolio companies and our limited partners. We do so by investing in a unique industry – the payments industry. Our management team has extensive operational expertise and a vast network of capital, industry leaders and entrepreneurs which combine to create a cutting edge and innovative private equity firm capable of moving quickly to consummate your deal. Jaguar seeks to acquire companies with revenues between $5 million and $50 million that are in the payments industry.